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I offer a wide range of professional services including:
Hourly rate is $250/hr for some undertakings and a fixed amount for others such as pre-purchase building inspections. The minimum charge for an on-site consultation with a verbal report is $1000 and I allow ½ day [4 hours including traveling time] for it.

Why am I more expensive than most other building inspectors?
  1. I do the work myself; I don't pass it on to more junior associates.
  2. I don't operate with disclaimers in order to become judgment proof. For example, one member of the local association of inspectors starts off his inspection reports by asserting "we do not guarantee that all apparent major defects will be identified"
  3. I try to provide realistic cost estimates for the repair of the defects I find. It is based on a career of an architect in practice for 45 years having done new buildings and renovation jobs. Building inspections got deregulated in Québec in 1994 with the new Civil Code. Anyone can do them as long as they are "prudent and diligent". Most building inspectors don't have the necessary experience to be able to estimate [real estate agents even more so].
  4. I raise issues regarding health, environmental sensibilities and do air quality checks making use of my knowledge of the current building code and its evolution over the years. Such matters are specifically excluded by those working according to the norms of the various associations of inspectors.
  5. I have given courses in building inspections at the postgraduate university level over a period of 20 years.
  6. I don't take referrals from real estate agents. They are out to sell and earn their commissions. They are in a conflict of interest position. I try to operate independently of them in order to remain objective.

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